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Bye bye Butterfly Blue Pea Nasi Lemak Rice

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

We will be reverting our nasi lemak rice to the tradition white coconut rice and will be stopping the Blue Pea coconut rice.

Sometimes in business its really not about doing what we like but instead we need to focus on what the customer prefer.

After introducing the blue pea rice for about 4 months. We received numerous feedbacks regarding the rice. We have a few customers who do not like blue color rice and will not eat if we do not change it back to white. There are some who thought that it was too much of colouring used in the rice.

In fact the blue food colouring was extracted from seeping the blue pea flowers and definitely not some artificial colouring. Every extraction process was a beautiful and calming one. Most importantly the blue pea doesn't really alter the taste of the nasi lemak.

The conclusion is Blue pea rice some may not eat but white nasi lemak rice everyone can eat. Here's one of a photo of our aesthetically pleasing Blue pea nasi lemak set.

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