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Looking for Franchisee to expand M BY MADAS to the West!

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

We are looking for new franchisee to expand M BY MADAS to the WEST!


Who is M BY MADAS?

M BY MADAS is a brand extension from Madas Nasi Lemak. Currently M BY MADAS is having its operation at Simpang Bedok. (348 Bedok Road, The Bedok Marketplace, #02-17 S469560)


1) Progressive & Relevant

We are a progressive company who stays as relevant as possible. We walk the ground and we hands-on our own business on a day-to-day basis.

2) Quality & Consistency

We hold very high standards for the taste & quality of our food and all our recipes.

3) Local & Global Expansion

We have the potential of going into local food chain and also expandable globally. We have a long standing franchisee by the brand of Madas Nasi Lemak operating at Siglap (727 East Coast Road S459073). We have the potential of going into manufacturing and exporting our sambal internationally.

4) Focal Point

We focus on a variety of sauces that are well received by the masses. I.e our Nasi Lemak Sambal, Sambal Sotong/Udang, Lemak Chili Padi & Rendang. These sauces has the potential to be sold in-house or bottled for retail & export.

5) Branding

We built our branding steadily and we do not rush into unnecessary investments.

6) R&D

We never stop in our Research & Development process. New menu are constantly being churn out as Menu of the Day to keep diners excited.

7) Media Support

We have our in-house graphic designer and photographer so you don't have to worry about menu design and stuffs.

Updated: 20 Feb 2023.

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