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Why do you want to open so many stall?

This question keeps popping into my mind since last Sunday. As usual, 'Dim Sum Boy' likes to stand behind me during rush hours without me noticing. Oh i call him DS Boy as his father runs the Dim Sum stall at the coffeeshop.

He asked, "Why do i see you here so often lately?"

"We are constantly short of manpower", i answered...

"Who ask you to open so many stall and why?"

It was such a busy morning and i was running short of chicken wings. Customers are chasing, Food delivery riders are at my back waiting impatiently and all of a sudden cold sweat were bursting out my entire body for no reason.

This question seems to set my mind spinning back to 9 months ago!

It was during July 2020, i remembered it was after working and training one of our Full-timer, Roslinda for almost 2 months. There was this one day, she was telling me, "You want to open one more stall right? Just go and do it, you wont know if you never try."

Fast forward 9 months later, after running our food stall at The Bedok Marketplace and trying to juggle both stall at the same time. I came to realise that this is no easy feat!

Nevertheless, I appreciate the constant reminder of why i started our Nasi Lemak stall and why we want to operate more than just one stall. What are the triggers and opportunities that allowed us to go beyond just one stall is simply amazing and surreal at the same time. While the day to day struggle is real but this is also what keeps us alive and kicking. We love the challenges along the way and the pressure point is constantly brewing at boiling point!

We are ready for our fourth stall!


Adam Kowell

Oh by the way DS Boy's Dim Sum is nice too! Do pop by 233 Yishun Street 21 and support their DS!

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