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A Massive Sunday Crowd!

After running the business for almost 10 months. Today is another record breaking day for us. Haha we did not break our sales record instead we broke the last 'queuing' record. The last i remembered was a non-stop queue of 45 mins, today was 1.5 hours of queuing customers.

I couldn't even remember how did we managed to pull it through! Given only a small deep-fryer and a pot, i'm glad that i am able to fry as many chicken wings as i can.

Do hope that our customer can understand that at one point of time there can only be 1 person serving at the counter and 1 standing at the rear to do the frying and 1 more person just to fry the eggs! Its definitely not easy for Dyna alone to tackle hundreds of customers with all kind of request... But we are glad that we did it again today and It's definitely a great teamwork we had earlier.

Being in this business allows us to encounter new experiences everyday, most importantly is that we persist and we strive from it.

Better day tomorrow ;)

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