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Why do we sell so many Ikan bilis & peanuts?

We hold very high standards when it comes to the ingredients that we use for our nasi lemak. And one of the side-kick that are mostly neglected are the ikan bilis and peanuts.

We buy and fry our Ikan bilis on a weekly basis and we use Grade AA Peeled anchovies. The peeled ones are slightly thinner and can achieved a more crispy result.

What is GRADE AA ikan bilis? It's apparently the most expensive ikan bilis supplies that we get from our source. The difference? Its less salty and more fragrant in comparison to the cheaper ones. Most importantly it does not cloud the frying oil too fast and thus we will be able to achieve an optimal frying result.

Ultimately, the most important aspect in frying the Ikan bilis is still the temperature and timing. The ikan bilis are fried at a high of 280 degrees! And the results we achieved is a whole batch of golden and crispy ikan bilis. Yummy!

And for the peanuts, we simply airfry it! No frills and not oily.

It just look so good with the nasi lemak and chicken wing.

F&B requires a lot of passion and dedication. A lot of efforts are put in to achieve the perfect result. Just the ikan bilis & peanuts alone. The process is pretty daunting. Rushing down to the wholesale market, heating the oil for almost 1 hour just to have the right temperature, the many hours of frying, having enough storage to keep the ikan bilis & peanuts and the list goes on...

And everytime when I write a blog post like this, it will always brings back some good old memories. Below is a bonus photo when I'm in action at our very first foodstall. Preparing to be call up for mobilisation while at work!


Adam Kowell

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