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Biggest Online Order for Chicken Wings!

We had a pleasant surprise upon reaching kitchen this morning. A pre-order for 35 pieces of chicken wings to be delivered at 10:10am. This is by far the largest online order for our chicken wings.

With ample time to fry the chicken wings, we thought that we should be able to be carry out the order smoothly. As i am about to start frying the wings at 9:15am, never did i expect the queue to start forming outside our stall again!

And for the next hour, all i could remember is me trying to catch up with the supplies of chicken for our in-house customers and also to meet up with the online order. It felt like the fastest 1 hour ever and thanks to the Foodpanda rider for giving me his patience while i am trying my best to deliver the order.

Thanks to all the love and support we are able to sell out early today! What a pre-holiday warm up for us today. Happy National Day to everyone and better day tomorrow ;)


Adam Kowell

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