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Hiring a Foreign Worker vs Local Employee

In order to make every off day a progressive one, i'll usually give myself a topic related to my current business to work on.

Topic for the day: Hiring a Foreign Worker vs Local Employee?

Before stepping foot into running an f&b business, i've been hearing a lot about f&b facing manpower issues and its also the biggest pitfall for most f&b!

And now i'm at this very junction, trying to find someone whom will be keen to be working in our current stall. I believe that we have not exhaust each and every channel available in the market in the search of that someone. We are still hoping that base on the current resources utilized, there will be at least 1 or 2 who will come forward to at least give it a try.

We are also considering hiring a foreign worker, i.e a Malaysian since it seems to be a norm for a lot of f&b in Singapore. As we are inexperience in terms of hiring a foreign worker, i tried calling a few employment agencies that do supply Malaysian candidate for the f&b sector. Below is a summary of some basic information that i've gathered:

• Need to register a company

• Register for Corppass

• Sign up for an Work Pass Account via MOM website

• Needs at least 1 CPF contribution

• Levy cost $900

• Agent Fees $1100

• Other miscellaneous cost per annum $200-$300

Just by looking a the amount of steps to be taken in order to hire 1 foreign worker is already a daunting task not forgetting the aftermath of having the foreign worker here i.e training, welfare, and maintaining of the staff and at the same time coping up with the business to make sure that its still profiting.

Haha what have i got myself into? Well we are still open for many different options and we take one step at a time. Conclusion? Since the day we step into this business without much help and with very minimal capital, we know that there will be lots of obstacles that we will be facing and to go through.

We will stick to it till we exhaust every single possible options, i believe we will see some light as we progress along the way and hoping to be enlightened in every possible ways :D

Never say never!

Goodnight :)

Adam Kowell

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