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That same feeling that never gets old

Recently our Yishun stall is facing very serious manpower shortage. One of our Full-timer left and our part-timer is busy with her other family commitments.

I have been down to support since the beginning of May. I must say that after handing over the work to the staff since last August, i haven't been working inside the stall for a very long time.

Have been feeling nostalgic since i started working at Yishun again.

Waking up early in the morning!

Its actually a great feeling to wake up early in the morning and its as early as 4am. The air is definitely fresher and once again i get to see the stars again as i drive down the same old road.

A good view of the moon and the stars just behind our food stall.

The same familiar faces since we started in 2017

After a long time running this business and its really much later and i started to feel that opening the stall to sell food is beyond just making money. Its more like a responsibility to serve. Serving is an integral part of running F&B.

Egg Frying!

Oh yes, and the egg-frying! Since day 1 we have always been thinking of many ways to tackle the supply of the eggs. Every nasi lemak set comes with a sunny-side egg. And having enough eggs is always the challenge. After trying many different kind of approach, we still like the eggs to be fried with a wok.

I love the challenge of frying multiple eggs at one time, its more like i don't have a choice.. in order to keep up with the supplies!

Working long hours

And after a massive breakfast crowd, i have to rush down to Bedok stall and continue my work there till closing at around 9:30pm.

The physical and mental challenge is so immense recently that i hardly have any other feelings.

At least i'm still able to document down my thoughts during this period and its always a good benchmark for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Whichever business you want to be in, make sure that your passion is strong enough to push you through every level of challenge that will come your way.

Better day tomorrow.


Chef Adam.

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