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Updated: Mar 27, 2023

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! Every year we will try to make it a point to update the look of our webpage. To be honest, web design is actually a skill that i do not want to lose and the best way is to keep myself up to date and to be in touch with the design work.

A few new features has been updated on our new webspace.

1) A new striking pink banner to welcome you. We have decided to keep it a bit more personal this year. Less formal and less monotonous.

2) A photo gallery with a few inserts of personal photos. I felt that after all the ups and the downs and all the challenging times managing past employees plus all the COVID situation and the never-ending evolving virus.

It definitely dawn upon me to be less rigid and to take things easy. It's good to let loose at some moment and be even more real with ourselves and the people around us. Just this morning, one of our staff just message me that he decided that he cannot carry on with the job and he did not come to work.

But i am very thankful that another staff, Irwan, totally rise to the occasion and actually brought his wife to work to cover and mend the position!

In fact being given last minute notice is nothing new to us and this is exactly the kind of challenges that most F&B operators faced all the time! What is more meaningful is the latter, that despite having 1 men down, Irwan did not give up and find solutions just to keep the stall going!

The morale of the story is, THIS IS PERSONAL! F&B is a very personal business. A lot of emotions, characters, mental and perseverance. Just to dish out the food that we love for our customers. A business that involves blood, sweat and tears! Haha sounds a bit too serious huh.

3) More focus on ONLINE self-ordering system

We do hope that customers can start ordering the food in advance so that we can have enough lead time. No choice nobody wants to work for us :(. I am referring to us at our Simpang Bedok outlet. Cooking the food upon order with just 2 person is a bit challenging. Hopefully with the advance ordering system, it can also ease the waiting time. (In fact while you are reading this, you can already click on the above pink banner and start ordering haha)

4) New loyalty/rewards programme, M Del Luna Rewards. To encourage more people to self order, we have started a new loyalty program. See picture below for self explanatory.

Basically, its fun to manage and a win-win situation for us. The rebates might not be a lot but its just a token of appreciation for all our customers who cares and support us.

The more points you earn means that we know that you love us more :D

5) M by Madas Membership Card. A project that i have always been very keen to work on during my stint as a Creative Director. I love building bridges, whether its a personal or a professional one. Human are definitely stronger when band together. We welcome business collaboration so that we can put together more benefits to this card and make it more meaning than just being a discount card.

Membership card comes in a few tiers. Currently, we have the 'ONYX' and the 'SAPPHIRE' tier. 2 more will be coming soon. 'SAPPHIRE' tier only available as an NFT.

6) NFT segment. For this topic, i have to put a lot of disclaimer.

Disclamier: We do not encourage or advise anyone to open any form of cryptocurrency account. This is strictly for patrons who already own ETH and have an exisitng crytocurrency account and wallet.

I will be minting more NFTs to document our F&B journey. This is a personal hobby, i see this as another approach to maintain my designing skills. I have no advise on NFTs. I only see it as another social media platform for me to express my interest in the design field.

Finally i would like to take this opportunity to thank all the customers that supported us whether you are a customer of Yishun, East Coast or Simpang Bedok. We love you all because we are all from the MADAS family, Madas Nasi Lemak.

Wishing everyone great health and a prosperous 2022! Take care and see you soon!

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