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We will be reducing our frequency for Online Orders

We have stop using Food Panda online delivery platform for a few months already. And we will stop taking online orders from Grab Food soon.

Reason being having the lack of manpower to tackle online orders and also constant harassment from some food delivery riders. Usually we are not allowed much time to prepare for online orders, especially during peak hours, riders will get extremely impatient and aggressive towards us and will keep insisting us to rush out their orders. We totally understand that they need to rush for their orders too. Thankfully there are more nice and friendly riders than the nasty ones.

The biggest reason is the cancelling of orders. It is getting more often that customers tend to cancel the food as the waiting time is too long. Sometimes the order are prepared but there are no rider to pick up and the food can be sitting at our counter for more than 1 hour. After much considerations, the best decision is to stop or limit taking online orders from food delivering platform.

For now we will still try to keep our last platform (Deliveroo) active.

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